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Deconstructing Bruce's fashion photography lighting techniques. How to light, shoot and do some simple quick post production in Photoshop for a beautiful sensual fine art nude photographic portrait with a touch of old wet photography darkroom techniques.


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Shot around 4pm in a daylight studio with south facing windows behind the camera position.


Sunlight was high up to the left of camera position.  I had reflectors outside the studio windows to bounce the sunlight through the windows off a silver reflector approx 1 mtr square and a large 4ft x 6ft gold silver zebra reflector.


The background is very old dusty canvas painted mottled grey.


Camera set to f4 at 125th sec ish.  (Not important),  what is important is directing mood atmosphere and emotion during your shoot and a very short depth of field.


Shot on Nikon d300 17 to 55 mm Nikon f2.8 zoom.


From the raw file I convert the colour image to black and white, increased contrast to a level I liked.


Using the round  select tool I selected around the head and face area then invert the selection, feathered by 250, in filters I chose blur, then Gaussian blur to taste.




Again with the round select tool I selected her head and body areas and feathered and inverted the selection to create a vignette of the back ground areas to be very dark but with a hint of the texture of the back ground. When finished getting the image how I liked it I created a solid colour layer with a tint of burnt sienna colour, then selected hard light, reduced opacity to taste i chose around 35%.


With the solid colour layer on I re-adjust the contrast to brighten up the skin tones so they sort of glow a little behind the solid colour layer. It took about 10 minutes in Photoshop. No local retouching at all.







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You will learn Bruce's many lighting and shooting techniques using available natural lighting, continuous lighting and flash lighting and tips from just about all of the various lighting and shooting situations that Bruce has learned to create over his 30 + years shooting high profile fashion photographers assignments all over the world for some amazing fashion clients.


Bruce's lighting philosophy is do not light the model, light the scene, find good light or create good light and place your model or subject in the best of the light..


Many thanks for reading.


Bruce Smith




Image featured was shot by Bruce for a major advertising campaign for Häagen-Dazs ice cream

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